Smart Charging: Embracing the Future with DLM – Dynamic Load Management

Smart Charging: Embracing the Future with DLM – Dynamic Load Management


Electric vehicles (EVs) are reshaping our travel habits, but the challenge of efficient charging remains. Enter Moreks AC chargers with Dynamic Load Management (DLM) – a smart solution that promises to revolutionize the way we charge our EVs.

✅ Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

DLM is designed to work with your current electrical setup, ensuring a smooth transition. This technology smartly adjusts charging rates to prevent system overloading, offering a hassle-free experience.

For instance, imagine you’re hosting a dinner party. Your oven, lights, and sound system are all drawing power. With a conventional charger, this could strain your electrical system. However, a DLM-equipped charger would intelligently adjust the EV charging rate to maintain balance. This adaptability means you can enjoy your evening without worrying about tripping the circuit breaker or compromising on charging your EV.

✅ Prioritizing Household Needs

Your home remains the priority. Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen or relaxing in the sauna, DLM intelligently reduces EV charging power to ensure uninterrupted household activities. The system dynamically allocates power between your EV and household appliances. So, when your sauna heats up, DLM slightly reduces the charging power to your EV, ensuring that both can operate efficiently without overloading your home’s electrical capacity.

✅ Cost-Effective Charging

Opting for a Moreks charger with DLM means you can skip the costly grid upgrade. DLM manages your energy usage efficiently, leading to noticeable reductions in your electricity bills. By balancing the energy demands of your household and EV, DLM minimizes the need for high peak power, which often comes at a higher cost.

✅ Supporting a Greener Lifestyle

By optimizing energy use, DLM chargers contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. This technology aligns with eco-friendly practices, reducing your carbon footprint. Efficient power management means less stress on the grid and a lower reliance on non-renewable energy sources during peak times.

✅ Future-Ready Technology

As your energy needs evolve, DLM is ready to adapt. This forward-thinking technology ensures your EV charging capabilities grow alongside your energy requirements. Whether you upgrade your home appliances or your EV, DLM will continuously provide optimal charging solutions.

Dynamic Load Management

Investing in a DLM-equipped EV charger is a step towards a smarter, more sustainable future. Embrace the change and join the revolution of efficient EV charging.

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For two decades, Morek Group has been at the forefront of creating a better future through our unwavering commitment to innovation in the electrical industry. With a solid foundation built on 20 years of field-specific experience, we have expanded our expertise across 10 European countries, supported by a team of highly committed employees.

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  • For installers and developers.

    Unlock the potential of quick and affordable installation with our well-thought-out solution. Experience the benefits and elevate your business to new heights.

  • For the property owner and manager.

    Our comprehensive charging solution and management software enhance the appeal and revenue of your property with EV charging infrastructure.

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    Simplify your EV charging experience with our user-friendly interface and stylish chargers. Take control remotely, access valuable app stats, and expand effortlessly across locations.

Morek has increased EVC range up to 180kW

  • DC charging

    Fast charging from 30 to 180 kW

  • AC charging

    Charging from 3,6 to 22 kW

  • Mobile charging

    Charging from 3,6 to 11 kW

  • Charging cables

    AC & DC from Phoenix Contact

  • DC charging

    Fast charging from 30 to 180 kW

  • AC charging

    Charging from 3,6 to 22 kW

  • Mobile charging

    Charging from 3,6 to 11 kW

  • Charging cables

    AC & DC from Phoenix Contact

Compatible with every electric car models

Explore Morek’s state-of-the-art electric car chargers, offering swift and comprehensive solutions for homes, apartments, parking lots, and commercial buildings.

Morek’s electric car chargers solve all aspects of creating an electric car charging point quickly – from delivery to ease of use for the end user.

Our range includes options up to 22kW AC charging and fast charging up to 180 kW. With seamless operation and worry-free charging, Morek guarantees an exceptional experience for electric vehicle owners. Join us in embracing the future of sustainable transportation. Contact us today for reliable and innovative charging solutions tailored to your needs.

  • From its durable and weatherproof design to its integrated electrical protection, our EV charger is reliable in every situation.

  • Its simple design and smart function make electric vehicle charging and installation easier than ever before.

  • Different modes of authentication support several use cases based on project requirements.

More than just a charging station - an agile e-mobility system, as you need it

Use it with intuitive and easy–to–use charging management system. Simplicity, speed, and clarity. No APP, no registration – everyone can charge right now, including aliens. Just scan the QR code, pay, and charge.

A diverse mobility grid management.

ev charging

Installation preferences by location possibilities

Stand? Wall mount? Your call.

Morek AC chargers and also 30-40 kW DC chargers can be installed either on a wall or pole which enables infrastructure planning for indoor or outdoor parking spaces more flexibly.

The installation process is simplified for maximum efficiency. The charger comes with a preset configuration and easy access with the Morek EV Tool APP to reduce setup time.

Morek EV chargers come in different versions and they are compatible with all electric car models

Explore our range of AC and DC options designed to meet your needs. Choose from plug & charge simplicity or advanced smart features for residential and commercial settings. Experience industry-leading efficiency, connectivity, and safety. Start your charging journey today!

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We, at Morek, strongly believe in creating a positive change in the electrical industry, helping our customers efficiently solve their issues, big and small, saving your money and time, and creating a better future for you.

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