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3-phase AC charging cable with vehicle charging connector and free cable end


Open to Type 2

For charging electric vehicles (EV) with alternating current (AC) via Type 2 vehicle charging inlets, for installation at charging stations for e-mobility (EVSE).


  • Product code: 1331955
  • Charging power: 26.6 kW
  • Charging current: 32 A
  • Cable length: 5,0 m
  • Cable type: spiraled

CHARX connect comfort, AC charging cable, with vehicle charging connector and open cable end, for charging electric vehicles (EV) with alternating current (AC) via type 2 vehicle charging inlets, without protective cap, Type 2, IEC 62196-2, PHOENIX CONTACT logo, cable: 5 m, black, spiraled.

Charging mode: Mode 3 (Level 2), Case C

  • Degree of protection (Vehicle charging connector)

    IP44 (plugged in; when plugged in and ready to operate, the degree of protection is only ensued if both plug-in components are original products from Phoenix Contact or suitable standard-compliant products).

  • Application and type

    For charging electric vehicles (EV) with alternating current (AC) compatible with type 2 infrastructure charging sockets at charging stations for electromobility (EVSE). AC charging cable with a vehicle charging connector and open cable end. With protective cap and PHOENIX CONTACT logo.

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