Common Myth – I Don’t Have Enough Amps to Install an Electric Vehicle Charger

Common Myth – I Don’t Have Enough Amps to Install an Electric Vehicle Charger


The best electric vehicle charging solution is the one that only requires need from the moment of choosing the right solution to its installation. Afterward, it’s all about convenient charging. Whether it’s a smart charger that follows the house’s consumption and manages charging sessions or a simple plug-and-charge private solution, EVs can be charged anywhere – in private homes, apartment buildings, parking lots, and commercial buildings. The question always revolves around the need, the purpose of installing a charging station, and the possibilities on site.

How to Ensure Optimal Electric Power for Charging Your Car in Any Situation?

Electric vehicle charging technology standards evolve fast, and Morek stays afloat by investing in a product range and solutions designed for easy installation and efficient charging stations that work hand in hand with other everyday communications and technologies – even in apartment buildings. One of the most important aspects of charging solutions is the distribution of electrical load, also known as dynamic load management aka DLM. This method allows EVC stations to optimize energy use and reduce the load on the electrical grid.

For example, if a house has a 3-phase electrical connection of 16A, it might initially seem necessary to purchase more amps because an 11kW charger also consumes 3-phase and 16A at maximum power. However, thanks to Morek’s load management solution, it’s not necessary to buy an additional amperage, and you can use even a 22kW charger without having to worry about the household’s daily consumption. DLM automatically adjusts the charging power according to the currently available power at your home or business.

Morek DLM (Dynamic Load Management) Kit – how do things work?

The process of phase load distribution begins with current transformers that collect information about the house’s electricity consumption. This data is sent to the charging station or HUB, which analyzes the information and adjusts the charging power as possible. This allows the charging station to adjust the charging power without any intervention, ensuring quick installation and easy onsite setup.

Smart Electric Vehicle Charging

A smart charger differs from a plug & charge charger in its ability to communicate with different background systems. This communication usually occurs via the internet or other forms of link, allowing the charger to adjust the charging process according to various factors, such as grid load, electricity prices, and user preferences.

Morek’s Smart Charging Options

  • Scheduled Charging: a smart charger allows users to set automation for charging, preferring cheaper electricity prices or periods with lower grid load.
  • Morek DLM (Dynamic Load Management): By integrating the charger with Morek DLM, the smart grid charger can adjust the charging power in real-time based on the actual electricity consumption at a given location, to avoid overload and improve energy efficiency and cost savings.
  • Charging at the Most Favorable Market Price: the smart charger connected to the backend system can automatically identify lower market prices and charges when electricity is cheaper, ensuring the car is charged to the desired level at a convenient time.
  • Splitting Bills Among Multiple Users: if more than one user is using the charger, the smart charger allows for the division of bills according to the electrical cost of the charges. Whoever charges, pays.
  • Integration with Home Automation: smart chargers can be integrated with home automation systems, allowing for even more efficient energy use. For example, the car can be charged with PV energy.
  • Remote Control and Monitoring: the smart charger allows users to monitor and control the charging process through a smartphone app or web interface, providing insights into charging history, energy costs, and other important information.

Morek offers wallbox chargers from 7.4 to a fast 22 kW, allowing for charging at maximum power over 100 km of driving range per hour.

(Ultra)Fast Charging Stations

Fast charging stations are of critical importance to electric vehicle owners and users who require quick charging to continue their journey or have a fleet of EVs. Implementing Morek’s Dynamic Load Management (DLM) technology at fast-charging stations helps manage the substantial energy flows necessary for rapid charging while minimizing the impact on the electrical grid. For example, the Morek DLM system can temporarily reduce charging power if it detects a high grid load and then restore maximum power when the load decreases. The selection of fast chargers starts with 30 kW wall-mounted chargers and includes 60-, 120- and 180 kW.

Wall-mounted chargers can also be installed on special poles which you can find in our product range.

You can explore Morek’s charging stations and solutions on our product page.

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Morek has increased EVC range up to 180kW

  • Rapid Charging

    Charging from 30 to 180 kW

  • Fast Charging

    Output range up to 22 kW

  • Mobile charging

    Charging from 3,6 to 11 kW

  • Charging cables

    AC & DC from Phoenix Contact

  • Rapid Charging

    Charging from 30 to 180 kW

  • Fast Charging

    Output range up to 22 kW

  • Mobile charging

    Charging from 3,6 to 11 kW

  • Charging cables

    AC & DC from Phoenix Contact

Compatible with every electric car models

Explore Morek’s state-of-the-art electric car chargers, offering swift and comprehensive solutions for homes, apartments, parking lots, and commercial buildings.

Morek’s electric car chargers solve all aspects of creating an electric car charging point quickly – from delivery to ease of use for the end user.

Our range includes options up to 22kW AC charging and fast charging up to 180 kW. With seamless operation and worry-free charging, Morek guarantees an exceptional experience for electric vehicle owners. Join us in embracing the future of sustainable transportation. Contact us today for reliable and innovative charging solutions tailored to your needs.

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A diverse mobility grid management.

ev charging

Installation preferences by location possibilities

Stand? Wall mount? Your call.

Morek AC chargers and also 30-40 kW DC chargers can be installed either on a wall or pole which enables infrastructure planning for indoor or outdoor parking spaces more flexibly.

The installation process is simplified for maximum efficiency. The charger comes with a preset configuration and easy access with the Morek EV Tool APP to reduce setup time.

Morek EV chargers come in different versions and they are compatible with all electric car models

Explore our range of AC and DC options designed to meet your needs. Choose from plug & charge simplicity or advanced smart features for residential and commercial settings. Experience industry-leading efficiency, connectivity, and safety. Start your charging journey today!

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