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CT 120A
Quick and Easy Installation. Function on one phase.

CT 120A

Load Balance
19 00
*Suggested retail price, excluding VAT

Dynamic Load Management optimizes the distribution of available electrical power among several EV chargers. This becomes crucial when the total demand for power from all connected EVs exceeds the maximum power capacity of the electrical infrastructure.

  • Rated input: 120A
  • Output: 40mA
  • Cable: 5 m
  • Clamp diagonal: 16 mm
  • Product code – MEVX02N1P5MCT

Smart Charging: DLM can be part of a smart charging strategy, where charging can be scheduled during off-peak hours or when renewable energy availability is high, leading to cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

In summary, Dynamic Load Management is a crucial technology for efficient and sustainable electric vehicle charging infrastructure, ensuring that the growing number of EVs can be charged reliably and without excessive strain on electrical systems.

Without DLM, simultaneous charging of multiple EVs could lead to overloading the system, resulting in potential power outages or the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades.

  • Power Distribution

    It dynamically allocates available power among the EV chargers based on demand and predefined rules or priorities. This ensures that all connected vehicles get charged without overloading the electrical system.

    By managing power distribution, it can reduce the need for costly infrastructure upgrades to handle peak loads.

  • Flexibility

    It can adjust to changing conditions, such as varying numbers of EVs charging, different levels of battery charge required, and fluctuations in overall power availability.

    As the number of EVs increases, DLM allows for scalable and efficient charging infrastructure, adapting to higher demand without the need for significant changes in electrical capacity.

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