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7.4 kW AC
Charging speed about 34 km per hour

7.4 kW AC

Network charger
Suggested retail price, excluding VAT

Morek EV 7,4 kW smart oplader

Til hjemmet, boligforeningen eller virksomheden.

  • EV 7,4 kW oplader
    3,8″ LCD-skærm
    LAN, WiFi, RFID, BT (valgfri 4G)
    6,5 m kabel (Phoenix-contact)
    Type 2-stik
    Push-in terminaler til nem og hurtig installation
    Produktkode – MEV07DREWN6T2
  • One-man installation reduces the time and cost of installation

    Opladeren leveres med en forudindstillet konfiguration, og den nemme adgang til indstillingerne forkorter installationstiden. Produkt og installationsprocessen er optimeret til hurtig installation.


  • Different authorization modes support several use cases

    Different modes of authentication support several use cases based on project requirements. The LCD display on the charger is easy to read and can be used in all locations – no translation to the local language is needed.

  • Built-in protection against grid overload

    With both RCD and DC leakage built into the charging station, there is no need for additional rail space in the electrical cabinet, and the comprehensive detection capability for various residual fault currents is provided.

  • An agile e-mobility system, as you need it

    Use it at home, apartment building, or work. Charge and share chargings. Perfect for public charging with charge point & payment platform.

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