Quick Guide to EVC Standards and Protocols

Quick Guide to EVC Standards and Protocols


The electric vehicle (EV) revolution is in full swing, and with it comes the need for efficient and reliable charging solutions. Whether you’re a private EV owner or a professional in the industry, understanding the intricacies of EV charging is crucial. In this article, we’ll dive into the world of EV charging protocols, industry standards, and how they impact your charging experience. Plus, we’ll offer insights to help businesses in the EV charging sector stay ahead of the curve.

Understanding EV Charging Standards

Type 1 (SAE J1772): This one comes from the US and Asia. It’s a single-phase standard. So, it offers up to 7.4 kW of power. However, it’s not too common in Europe anymore as car manufacturers are allowed to sell only Type 2 charging standard plug in the EU from 2022.

Type 2 (Mennekes): This is the European favorite. It’s versatile and can handle both single-phase and three-phase AC charging. Therefore, it offers up to 43 kW. It’s the go-to for most charging in Europe.

CCS (Combined Charging System): This is the future of fast charging in Europe. It combines the benefits of Type 2 with high-power DC charging. As a result, it can offer up to 350 kW of power.

CHAdeMO: This one is from Japan. It’s for DC fast charging. It’s popular with cars like the Nissan Leaf. Moreover, it’s making strides in Europe.

Tesla Supercharger: This one was made for Tesla cars but Tesla is opening up and now also cars in other make can charge on the Tesla charging network. It offers up to 250 kW of power. Also, Tesla is growing in Europe.

Decoding EV Charging Protocols

Behind every charge is a good communication system. These systems make sure your car and the charger talk well.

  • IEC 61851 & IEC 62196: These two make sure AC charging is safe and standard. They’re the backbone of the industry.
  • ISO 15118: This one is smart. It enables features like “Plug and Charge.” Plus, it works well with green energy.
  • OCPP & OCPI: These are all about being connected. They help manage a charging station from far away. Also, they let you charge your EV at different networks. For example what Tesla is opening up to!

Why This Matters for Your Business

If you’re in the EV charging business, you need to know these standards. By offering the right solutions, you can serve more types of vehicles. Also, Europe is pushing for standardization hard. So, staying ahead is key to success.

In Conclusion

The world of EV charging is always changing. Whether you’re an EV fan or a pro in the industry, knowing the basics is the key. For top-notch EV charging solutions, check out our MOREK products. You won’t be disappointed!

For more insights into the world of EV charging, keep an eye on our blog. If you found this article helpful, don’t forget to share it with your network!

Further Reading and References

Below you can find some useful links. They include official papers, reports, and more. These resources offer more insights and trusted info. So, feel free to explore them to learn more.

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  • Rapid Charging

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  • Fast Charging

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  • Mobile charging

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