Find out: costs and considerations of charging an electric car at home

Find out: costs and considerations of charging an electric car at home


Whether you’re considering purchasing an electric car or already own one, it’s important to be aware that charging at home or at your workplace with a charger of up to 22 kW is the most cost-effective option. Depending on the price of electricity, it can be up to five times cheaper than refueling at a public charging station. However, before enjoying these savings, there’s an initial investment required for the charger installation.

The cost of charging an electric car at home primarily depends on the local electricity rates in your area. Electric utility companies often have varying pricing structures, including time-of-use rates and other factors that can influence the cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity. To get accurate cost estimates, it’s recommended to check with your utility provider for the current rates.

Some useful apps to control your charging in the northern part of EU: GRIDIO, VOOL

There are several mobile applications available that help you track and schedule your electric vehicle’s charging during the most economical times. More advanced AC chargers, like those from Morek, support this feature.

For instance:

  • Let’s assume your electricity rate is 8 cents/kWh
  • your vehicle has a 60 kWh battery, and you want to charge it from 50% to 100%.
  • This means you need to charge 30 kWh, which costs a total of €2.40.
  • The real energy consumption of an electric car averages between 18-25 kWh.
  • Hence, with €2.40, you can drive over 100 km.
  • And at 11 kW charging, which is common at home, it takes less than 3 hours

The cost of installing a home electric car charger can vary based on several factors.

Prices for chargers from different manufacturers can vary significantly, even though their operating principles are quite similar. The charger should be smart, i.e. connected to the network if the interface is important.

Morek EV chargers excel at meeting all charging requirements in the most efficient and modern manner. They are among the best in their price range. You can find our suggested retail prices on our website.

Morek EV charger prices start at €442 (VAT excluded), and we offer a wide range of options suitable for all types of electric vehicles.

Selecting the right AC charger involves considering:

  • Whether it’s a private residence, apartment building, public facility, or commercial property.
  • Whether you want private charging or shared usage.
  • Whether you prefer wall-mounted chargers or charging stations.
  • The distance between the charger’s location and the electrical panel.
  • Whether the cable will be surface-mounted or require excavation.
  • Your building’s electrical capacity in amperes.

Simpler installations can cost around €300, but for more complex installations, the price can be significantly higher.

Our recommendations for average-speed chargers are as follows:

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Morek has increased EVC range up to 180kW

  • Rapid Charging

    Charging from 30 to 180 kW

  • Fast Charging

    Output range up to 22 kW

  • Mobile charging

    Charging from 3,6 to 11 kW

  • Charging cables

    AC & DC from Phoenix Contact

  • Rapid Charging

    Charging from 30 to 180 kW

  • Fast Charging

    Output range up to 22 kW

  • Mobile charging

    Charging from 3,6 to 11 kW

  • Charging cables

    AC & DC from Phoenix Contact

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Morek EV chargers come in different versions and they are compatible with all electric car models

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